You might be wondering why I’m photographing sheep for my lesson on gear shifting.  Well for one they’re cute and might draw your attention and, more significant, they are a metaphor for those who hardly ever shift gears.Sheep prefer to move very slowly and eat and then be eaten.  The other half of the lesson is for those of us who are gear-shifters. My brother, Greg, an avid bicyclist once said to me, “If your bike has gears, it’s easy to ride uphill.” Though there are five gears on my bike, I still hadn’t figured out how to make it “easy.”  Today huffing and puffing on my uphill climb I breathlessly said, “I can’t do this. I’m going to get off and walk.”

But then I shifted gears in my head and said, “Wow! look what I can do. I’m climbing a hill. The little engine can do it.” And I made it to the top feeling breathlessly wonderful. 

There’s still a lot to learn about gear shifting that can’t be covered in one lesson. 

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